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Below are we attempt to answer questions you may have about our Association. We have, for the most part, formulated these FAQs from our interations with our fellow Zambians. We update the list quite frequently to make the FAQs relevant.

We have 5 FAQs

QueI there a specific number of dependants one has to have in order to qualify to be a member?
AnsThere is no restrictions on the number of dependants.
QueAt what age is one regarded eligible to join the Association?
AnsOne is eligible to join the Association at the age of eighteen (18) years and above.
QueDoes the Association only allow a married person?
AnsWhether married or single you are free to join the Association.
QueWhat is the status of one who want to join?
AnsYou should be able to support yourself and the Association and legally living in the UK.
QueWhen does one become a member?
AnsSubmit a form and pay a £10 non-refundable Application fee.