Mabvuto Ermegency Fund Association

A National Support and loving Group For Zambians Living In The UK

We are a none profitable support group of Zambians living legally living in the United Kingdom. Membership is open to all Zambians legally living in the UK regardless of marital status. Even if you belong to a city based Zambian Association, we urge you to join Mabvuto Emergency Fund (MEFU) and interact with fellow Zambians from across the UK. Experience the love, compassion for one another witnessed by this group.


Experience Zambian foods, cultural connections with fellow Zambians, enjoy holidaying at some of UK's finest holiday resorts and get to interact with Zambians across the UK.

Being away from home can be really tough especially when bereavements occur. These sad occurrences sometimes come when we are least prepared. That is why we created MEFU.